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Tradesman Tubs

Introducing the NEW & IMPROVED tradesman tubs.

The Q-Crimp Tradesman Tubs offers an excellent range of fixings and clips in a durable, re-sealable plastic tub with a carry handle. The new robust tub design makes it an ideal product for any workman on the job.

• Compact Size
• Convenient Divider (QTT4)
• Easy To Transport Around
• Commercial & Public Installations


Trade Tub QTT2

  • • 400x Red Plastic Wall Plugs
  • • 400x 8x1.5" Countersunk Screws

Trade Tub QTT3

  • • 200x Cavity Screws & Fixings

Trade Tub QTT4

  • • 400x 1mm² T&E Cable Clips
  • • 400x 2.5mm² T&E Cable Clips

Trade Tub QTT5

  • • 400x Brown Plastic Wall Plugs
  • • 400x 10x2" Countersunk Screws