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A selection of open and closed grommets for use in terminating cable through back boxes and junction boxes to prevent damage to the insulation of the cable.

Regularly used by Electricians and professionals inside the Electronics Industry for day to day use within wiring outlets, these Rubber Grommets work perfectly to seal off, thread through and protect cables or wires over a long period of time. Widely renowned for their ease of installation and use, our selection includes a number of different grommet styles which are perfect for all kinds of general uses, featuring ideal resistance properties against factors such as heat, weathering and UV exposure.

Open Rubber Grommets

Perfect for all kinds of sealing and cable threading, these Open Cable Grommets feature an open top which allows for cables or wires to be pushed straight through. These are frequently used for projects where the internal diameter of a cable is known, or is adaptable. Most commonly used inside the Electronics industry to protect and pro-long the life of a cabling or wiring system, these open styled grommets have a number of functional uses in and around the workplace.

Closed Rubber Grommets

Also known as as Blind Cable Grommets, these products help to provide flexibility and maneuverability and a secure fitting to your panel or cable hole, providing a quality air-tight seal which is expected of such a product. Preventing the need for adhesives or fixings these Blind Grommets simply push fit, holding themselves in place thanks to the properties of the rubber used to create them. Blind/Closed Grommets are common-place inside many industries, especially the Electronics industry where they are used on a daily basis to thread cables and encompass wires, greatly pro-longing their life as well as ensuring that they adhere to all health and safety requirements.

These Closed Grommets are resistant to many different factors including Weathering, UV and Acids/Alkali's thanks to the high grade of material used.

Quick Fit Grommets

Quick Fit/Snap Fit Grommets are the perfect option for a quick fitting solution, snapping straight into place before a cable or wire can be threaded through offering simultaneous protection and sealing benefits. Available in either open or closed styles.