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Pre-Insulated Crimp Terminals

Unicrimp pre-insulated crimp terminals carry UL approval and are designed to improve electrical and mechanical integrity with heavy duty use.

Each high-conductivity copper terminal is electroplated with tin to ensure resistance to corrosion and has an easy entry opening to assist with quick and efficient cable insertion.
All connector and terminal styles are available in three colour-coded insulated sleeves to fit specific cable sizes:

  • Red - 0.5-1.5mm²
  • Blue - 1.5-2.5mm²
  • Yellow - 2.5-4.0mm²

Our barrel construction is manufactured to ensure consistent crimp performance and maximum tensile strength to keep wiring securely in place. Each terminal style is available in multiple sizes to fit your exact requirements. Download the latest catalogue to see the full range

Ring Terminals

Male Push-on Terminals

Female Push-on Terminals

Spade Terminals

Female Push-on Fully Insulated Terminals

Blade Terminals

Butt Splice Terminals

Push-on Connectors

Pin Terminals

Heat Shrink Butt Splice Terminals

Male Bullet Terminals

Female Bullet Terminals